7 Types of Sarees Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

  • Banarasi Silk Saree

If you are Indian, you definitely have this saree in your collection. If you are not an Indian, then this is the first saree that you need to purchase. Banarasi Sarees, made in Varanasi, are known for their gold and silver zari. The sarees are made of finely woven silk and are among the finest sarees in India.

  • Bandhej/Bandhani Saree

Bandhej sarees are perfect for all kinds of celebrations. These sarees are available in all colors, for all occasions. Bandhani is a tie dye textile process and the technique, variety and color used in Bandhani are highly decorated. Bandhani Sarees are being purchased by millions of women all over India, especially during the festive and wedding seasons.

  • Cotton Saree

Cotton sarees are a blend of style with comfort. These sarees are mostly popular in summer seasons. Available in thousands of vibrant prints, these sarees a MUST HAVE for your wardrobe.

  • Leheriya

These types of Sarees are made in Rajasthan. Leheriya tying and dyeing is done on thin cotton or silk. A single Leheriya will serve you for multiple occasions. These designer printed sarees are every collection’s necessity, so purchase you Leheriya today!

  • Bhagalpuri Silk

Talk of heritage and tradition, Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees are an evergreen favorite of every Indian woman who loves draping sarees. One of the finest textured silks, this one is known for its sheen and grandeur which are symbolic of the magnificence that a saree represents.

  • Printed Saree

These are the comfiest, trendiest and evergreen sarees. You can find printed sarees all over the market and online stores. They are available in uncountable patterns, colors, cloth materials and for all types of events.

  • Raw Silk Saree

Raw Silk sarees will give your wardrobe a classy, elegant and royal look. Its shiny finish will bring all the spotlight on you, no matter what the occasion. The silk cloth material is perfectly comfortable to wear even for several hours.

You can never have too many sarees… so ladies, get set to shop!