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Indian Saree Blouses

A well-crafted and fitted saree blouse is a perfect companion to the saree. Designer blouses that are versatile in their appeal can be excellent additions to your wardrobe to add oodles of grace befitting a royal lady. Saree blouse designs can be inspired by many sources like retro styles, Bollywood eras, or by the works of the best Indian designers. Add some exuberant designs to your collection and feel like a queen! The way in which a saree is draped differs from one region to another. However, the three main components of this beautiful Indian dress or ethnic Indian attire remain the same, and they are the saree or the drape, a blouse and a petticoat around which the saree is draped in a wonderful, stylish, and gracious manner.

Blouses By Occasions

Wedding Blouses

You can rock the wedding season with some mesmerising blouse designs that stand out. Extensive beaded, crystal-encrusted, and heavily embroidered blouses in a slew of colours and sleeve details to die for can be your best bets for the occasion as splendid as weddings.

Party Wear Blouses

Stunning embellishments, layered or frilly sleeves detailing, lace effects, fancy neckline, sexy backs, and pretty borders on the wedding blouses would be like the pieces of art to match with your pre-pleated and designer party sarees.

Bridal Blouses

Ruffles, supremely sharp-edged cuts, and heavy thread, zari or cut-dana work are just super-hit with the brides. Designer blouses with tassels, metal fringes, heavy-studs, doris, open-back, straps, one-shoulder, or off-shoulder patterns are a few unique blouse designs from Singaar’s gallery.

The Incredible Evolution of Blouses

The un-tailored garment known as saree is simply incomplete without a blouse and holds a place of pride in Indian history and culture. Talking about the beginnings of the blouse, the custom of wearing a blouse has originated from Bengal where the women used to drape a saree covering their body well enough not to require a blouse. However, Gyanandini Devi, sister-in-law to Rabindra Nath Tagore was denied entry to an English club for improper attire. To her chagrin, this motivated her to craft and create a European-style blouse, and later it became popular in other parts of the country and women started to adopt various blouse designs like choli, shirt, kurta blouse, and jacket pattern to enhance their look.

From Traditional Garment To High-fashion Pieces- The Interesting Journey Of Blouse

The journey of blouses has indeed come full circle. Blouses today are like a second skin to any Indian woman that is cropped at the waist and comes in more than 100 varieties. The options and designs are based on their necklines, sleeves, color, fabric, length, and style. The choli, short blouse and kurta pattern blouse have transformed into halter, strappy, boat-neck, one-shoulder, off-shoulder, sheer-neck blouse, and more. From Indian women walking bare-chested centuries ago to blouses becoming the talk of the town; the designers are bringing in uniqueness and innovation in myriad ways. Today, women and designers wish to weave drama, color, unique concept, sassiness, shine, tradition, and modernity into Indian fashion and blouses serves the purpose.

Add Charm to Your Attire with Beautiful Saree Blouses

Indian saree blouses are a crucial element of the overall appearance of a saree. A delicately crafted and well-fitted blouse can add oodles of charm to a plain saree, while an ill-fitted and boring blouse can take away the appeal of even a designer saree. The blouse usually ends right at the waist, baring the mid-riff between the blouse and the petticoat. It is important to choose your blouse carefully, as a well-matched and fitted blouse can exponentially increase the charm of the saree.

For the Extraordinary Moments on Your Special Day - Designer Saree Blouses

Saree blouses can be designed in numerous ways, from graceful and subtle to stylish and chic. The choice depends upon individual preferences and whether it is matching the saree that it is to be paired with. Designer saree blouse designs can take inspiration from Bollywood celebrities and popular designers like Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani, or even Sabyasachi. These days, saree jackets or jacket blouses are also common to spot, and they are collared styles with mandarin collars or other types of collars attached that add a graceful and elegant look to a saree. Jacket blouses look poised and charming and are perfect to be worn at workplaces. Jacket blouses can be sleeveless or full-sleeved.

Shopping Online for Saree Blouses

SingaarGlobal offers you the opportunity to shop online for saree blouses in a plethora of exclusive and extravagant designs, styles, and embellishments to suit your taste. You may buy saree blouses online with or without a saree. Choose from a wide spectrum of colors, latest saree blouse patterns and embroideries with contrasting and multi-colored options to add some versatility to your wardrobe. Buy designer and Bollywood-style saree blouses at Singaar Fashion and be a diva every day!

Singaar Designer Blouses are Extraordinary

Each and every item displayed at Singaar Fashion is hand-woven to perfection by some of the skilled weavers who know their trade like the back of their hands. The design, style, color, and fabric material, all complement each other to bring about that gorgeous appeal in a woman who desires to look stunning and sensual in a designer blouse.

Shopping Online for Blouses at Singaar is an Experience

Singaar Fashion is a brand in India, and no doubt why some of the top Bollywood celebrities, TV actors, business tycoons, and sports personalities come to Singaar in search of designer blouses in diverse patterns and style that ooze out beauty and sensuality. At Singaar, the blouse patterns depict grace, elegance, and class that are desired by every single girl or woman who has a fond understanding of fashion, and these classic jacket blouses are the best examples of traditional Indian designs and clothing styles.

Choice of Colors and Fabric Materials

When it comes to saree blouse designs, Singaar Fashion's exclusive designer collection is the first choice among all fashion-conscious divas who have a love for ethnic Indian wear and traditional Indian clothing flawlessly created from the best quality fabric. The gold and silver brocade work, zari work, embroidery work are all executed to perfection, and the inspiration always remains Bollywood celebrities. Quality is never compromised as the fabric material and the colors used are of the finest quality.

Why Choose Readymade Blouses?

With readymade blouses, you don't have to visit a tailor and explain the exact cut, style, or design you want, spending hours giving measurements that can sometimes be embarrassing. Instead, you can visit a designer fashion clothing store online and pick your style of party wear or wedding attire from an array of designs showcased in its gallery. Singaar Global offers a stylish range of readymade blouses online for every occasion, outstanding in terms of design and craftsmanship.

Types of Blouses Offered by Singaar Global

Singaar Global offers a huge assortment of plain, silk, brocade, georgette, fancy, satin, and velvet online readymade blouses. Latest blouse designs with Singaar include high-neck, pleated, shimmer, sleeveless, embellished, one-shoulder, puffed sleeves, plunging, balloon, ruffle, and mandarin. These pretty pieces can glam up any saree and make you look versatile, ethnic yet stylish.

How Singaar Offers the Best and Latest Blouse Designs?

Singaar Global understands the importance of an apt blouse to pair with a saree. The designs at Singaar Global are meant for women of class, tradition, appeal, edginess, style, modernism, and class to take their fashion quotient several notches up. The saree blouse collection online at Singaar offers contemporary taste and design while retaining the traditional edge. Overall, with its glam details, dainty elements, and stylish add-ons, Singaar can let your blouse take center stage and make you feel free to experiment.

Latest 2023 Trend in Saree Blouses at Singaar Global

Singaar Global offers the latest trends in saree blouses. The collection features:

Sweet heart Neck Blouse

This classic design is having a glorious moment with traditional and designer sarees. It's a darling of the blouse world.

Sequin Blouse

This new-age version of the jazzy party look of the saree will keep you shining. Sequin embellishment can elevate your party saree look.

Lehenga Blouse

A heavy, royal, and magnificent bridal blouse can revamp your wedding lehenga look. The heavy blouse with stylish neckline and embroidery, embellishments, beads, cut-dana, pearls, and shimmer are apt for brides to pair with their wedding or pre-wedding lehengas.

Balloon Sleeves Blouse

These modern sleeves are easy to carry with your saree and can make a distinct style statement with your dramatic or puffed-up sleeves. The larger-than-life balloon sleeves can help you make a style statement at your events.