Cancellation Policy

Singaar Global Cancellation Policy

We at Singaar Global; strive to offer best shopping experience to our customers. Therefore, we have a very easy cancellation policy to help our customers achieve maximum satisfaction while shopping at The key features of the policy are as follows:

Full Order Cancellation

To cancel an order, customers can:

  1. Log in to their account and raise a cancellation request.
  2. Call Singaar Global customer care at 9001501313.
  3. Send an email to to request for cancellation.
  4. Cancellation would be allowed only till the time the products have not been dispatched from Singaarglobal warehouse. Post-dispatch, no cancellation is allowed.

Partial Order Cancellation

A partial cancellation of an order is not permitted. If a customer decides to cancel order partially, No refunds will be made to the customer.

Offer Based Cancellations

For order cancellations w. r. t. specific offers, we request you to go through the T & C page of that particular offer before raising cancellation request.

Violation Of Ethical Code & Cancellation Policy

If any order is placed with the intention to manipulate customer friendly policies of, that particular order/s will be cancelled immediately and, the customer will be blocked to make further purchases through Also, we will not be liable to pay any refund to the customers placing orders through unethical means e.g. manipulating the offer terms and conditions / guidelines / website software code etc.

In addition to that if a customer is found placing fake / multiple / bulk orders and is also returning or cancelling his/her orders repeatedly, Singaarglobal reserves the right to block such customer and charge a heavy penalty on such orders which could result in less or no refund to the customer.

In case, Singaarglobal finds that the SingaarCoins have been misused by a customer by manipulating the Email Id or Mobile Number; Singaarglobal may cancel the order and no refund will be paid.