10 Tips on how to look awesome in every saree

10 Tips on how to look awesome in every saree

Saree wearing is an art

Saree is one of the most sought after women attire in India for ages. This 5 yard piece of garment makes you look stunning yet elegant for any occasion, but if you miss key elements of saree draping, it can look very messy.

Here are the key Do’s and Don’ts for you to follow to look charming in every saree you drape.

What TO DO when you decide to drape a saree:

  1. Learn to drape a saree properly, i.e. the right way.

Its simple but important step, there are no. of ways you can wear a saree but the best one is the simple ‘seedha palla’ way.

You can find a lot of tutorials on the same on YouTube.

  • Get the right blouse design suiting well on your personality, and occasion.

A blouse can make or break your impression in saree for sure. So, choose a beautiful blouse design, with suitable neck, back and sleeves designs.


As there are lot of choices in terms of fabric e.g. cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette and synthetic material. You need to pick the one which looks good and makes saree wearing comfortable. For example, you should pick cotton if its hot and dry weather but chiffon if you are in casual mood.

  • Use right accessories such as saree pins

Some material in particular are falling in nature, such as georgette. And, it becomes very messy to take care of a falling pallu frequently, so you should use good quality saree pins to attach your saree with blouse on shoulder and with your petticoat on waist.

  • Choose right size heel with saree.

Since saree is draped in such a way that it may touch the ground while you walk. So, you better use right kind of heel as footwear to avoid saree from picking all the dirt and dust of the floor. Also, it makes your saree look amazing too.

What NOT TO DO while draping a saree

  1. Never wear a light color saree with dark color petticoat.

You can imagine how would you feel if the stitching lines of your petticoat are visible from the saree. So, always keep the petticoat color as matching or lighter shade from your saree.

  • Never wear black, maroon, red or any dark color bra under light color blouse.

The same logic applies here too, you would never want your undergarments visible from your blouse. Thus, choose either light color bra e.g. white, cream or beige color or matching color bra with your saree.

  • Never use too many items of jewellery with saree.

As obvious saree itself is a heavy garment with a lot to take care of. Using heavy jewellery can make matter worse, so its better to use light and simple jewellery to add elegance of your saree.

Now, you know what to take care before decide to try your best drape. Follow these tips, and you will look like a fashion diva in every party. Enjoy.